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Wild Horses of Nevada Photography

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Wild Horse Tour Comments

Looking to take that special picture of a wild mustang? Just want to spend time watching the band interact? We now provide you with a professional's view! A day trip into wild horse country with a maximum of three people brings you into the horses' environment with minimal impact.

 As the wild horses move from the valley floors to the mountain tops, depending on the season, our trips move with them. Our transport will be a Jeep Wrangler, to insure we get to where the horses are! We do not feed nor touch horses. A picture and a memory is all we will take home with us, leaving them as wild as when we first see them!
 Tours begin at $400 for one person, $200 per each additional guest. There is a two person minimum. Tours may involve some walking, rough roads, and "interesting" weather. We will do our best to minimize any discomfort! We will structure your trip to your wants. Call or e-mail for an appointment!

The French version of "60 Minutes", Sept a Huit, on tour with Nevada Hall of Fame writer Terri Farley, for an episode on American Mustangs.

Member, Professional Photographers of America   

 Member, Professional Photographers of America