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Wild Horses of Nevada Photography

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Wild Horse Tour Comments
   "As an airline employee I have the opportunity to travel around the globe and enjoy many unique adventures. I can say, without any hesitation, that tracking wild horses with Mark Terrell was one of the best experiences of my life. To watch the magnificient interaction of the mustangs was a thrill beyond words. Thankfully, we have incredible pictures to remind us! Thank you, Mark, for a WONDERFUL experience!"
Barb S., Ohio
     There is no way we can thank you enough for the incredible experience you shared by allowing us to venture into the home of the Mustangs. We originally booked the tour to try and get some video of wild mustangs for the 'Meeting America's Mustangs' TV show, but the experience turned out to be so much more. Not only did we get some really great shots, but we gained an immense respect and greater love for the magnificient Mustangs.
Originally, we thought we might see some wild mustangs from afar, through telephoto lenses and binoculars, but you put us within a few yards of the family bands, over and over, all day long. Most of the still shots, we took without using a zoom! The experience was uplifting and we will be back for more very soon!"
Bill and Peggy Mckinley, Texas
   "Having had a life long dream of seeing wild horses in their natural setting, I had researched many options for fulfilling that dream. Selecting Mark Terrell as the guide for this once in a lifetime adventure was the absolute best choice we could have possibly made.
The day we spent with Mark was truly incredible. Not only is Mark one of the nicest individuals you could ever meet, but he is an amazing guide into the world of wild horses. He provided a personalized tour that gave the opportunity to see horses up close without interferring with their natural way of life in the wild.
Throughout the day while we viewed numerous bands of wild horses, Mark provided us with an education about not only the particular bands we viewed, but also about wild horses in general. The information he shared about the individual horses was incredible, and gave you a true sense of of connection with the animals and their environment.
To truly experience the wild horses, a guide with Mark's knowledge and respect for the horses is a must. His knowledge of, and history with, the horses is what makes the tour truly incredible and adds to the memories of the trip that will last a lifetime.
Kris & Beverly K., Arkansas

Hello, Mark.

Thanks again for such an amazing adventure. You truly are the "photographer horse whisperer"! This photo still takes my breath away-I guess there is something to being frozen to a spot! The whole trip was a once in a lifetime experience that I can't wait to do again. (Ha) Thank you, thank you, thank you once more!

Sue K., Ohio

Photo by Sue K.


The Mark Terrell Photography tour of Wild Mustangs is an amateur photographer's dream come true. My daughter and I took his tour this spring. Thanks to the individual technical advice given by Mark and his knowledge of wild horse behavior I got some amazing shots!!! Mark was patient and kind. My daughter and I felt safe and protected out in the remote desert wilderness with him as our tour guide. I would reccomend his tour to anyone who loves photographing wild mustangs or viewing them in their natuaral habitat.

Stephanie K., Seattle


The day I spent with Mark, and friends, out in the high desert of Nevada was truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Mark's passion and commitment to these lovely creatures is clearly evident not only in his extraordinary photography but also in his knowledge and understanding of their lifes and their habitat. Mark brought us up close and personal to two bands of horses early in our day. We spent a great deal of time with these bands as they travelled back and forth around us. It was amazing (and humbling) how quickly these bands became comfortable with us. After that experience, one cannot help but have a heightened sense of respect and amazement for not only the horses but for Mark's  extraordinary talent in vividly and poetically capturing moments of their lives. I cannot wait to go back out there! So, thank you, Mark, for making this an unforgettable/incredible experience and for your generosity of knowledge and all things photographic.  You inspire me to get better.

 Ava C., Chicago